Top 17 Cheapest Universities in Toronto for International Students 2024

Top 17 Cheapest Universities in Toronto for International Students 2024. The article below contains the top 17 Cheapest Universities in Toronto for international students to apply. Check details below.

The most populated city in Canada is Toronto, the capital of Ontario. Just like other cities, it boasts a global flare as the hub of the arts, culture, and financial sector.

Toronto is an excellent place for those who want to study abroad because it is also home to a diverse population. Currently, 170,000 international students are enrolled in Ontario, and most are looking in Toronto. This city is famous with international students because it is home to some of the best Canadian colleges.

Low-cost tuition only sometimes translates into a lower-quality education; the colleges on our list below provide excellent instruction in addition to reasonable tuition.

Below is a list of the Cheapest Universities to study in Toronto

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1)  McGill University 

Founded in 1821, McGill University is regarded as one of Canada’s most prestigious universities. Situated in the picturesque city of Montreal, Quebec, McGill University is home to an impressive 150 nations’ worth of international students.

One fascinating piece of facts regarding McGill University is that it has been a part of the Association of American Universities since 1926. Out of the total number of students, 41,000, or around 31%, are foreign students. Popular postgraduate degrees often cost between CAD 15,324 and 29,666 (₹8,94,993 and ₹17,33,419) in tuition.

The range of fees for undergraduate study is CAD 21,388 to 57,575 (₹12,50,582 to ₹33,65,810). The average yearly cost of meals and hostel stays is about ₹3,60,000.

There are two campuses on the 80 acres that make up the site: an upper campus and a lower campus. Some important discoveries, including the Advancement of Atomic notion, DNA, and genetic codes, have been produced by McGill University academics.

2)  University of Tyndale

Established in 1894, Tyndale Institution is a private institution situated in Toronto, close to the northern end of Bayview Avenue. It’s among the least expensive institutions in Canada. Offering a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees, the institution is the best in Toronto.

The institution provides U.G. and P.G. business, psychology, music, art, and law courses. With an annual tuition charge for international students between CAD 15,000 and CAD 17,000, it is among the least expensive institutions in Toronto.

3)  Toronto Metropolitan Institution

Toronto Metropolitan Institution is a public institution founded in 1948 and situated in the heart of Toronto. It is ranked 851–900th in the Q.S. World University Rankings 2024 and #1 in the Toronto University ranking.

More than 100 undergraduate and graduate programs in aerospace, arts, architecture, biology, engineering, fashion, psychology, and so on are available at the university. The university is among the least expensive in Toronto, with annual tuition costs ranging from CAD 28389 to CAD 38,584. The institution offers a 5% admission rate to overseas students.

4) University of York

York Institution is a public institution that was established in 1959 and is situated on Keele Street in Toronto. With several sites, including three main campuses in Ontario, this affordable university in Toronto fosters a vibrant, integrated community.

Courses in liberal arts, business, health education, engineering, science, technology, accounting, anthropology, arts, media, biology, and other fields are widely available for undergraduate and graduate degrees at the institution. It is among the least expensive institutions in Toronto, with annual tuition costs ranging from CAD 32,000 to CAD 40,000.

In addition, the anticipated annual cost of the books and associated fees is around CAD 2000.

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5)  Alberta University

Globally renowned for its intense focus on research, the University of Alberta is a major university. The institution provides its students with excellent career placement and chances in Canada.

Not to mention that it is among the least expensive institutions in Canada, with an employment rate above 90%.

6)  The University of Guelph-Humber

Founded in 2000, the institution of Guelph-Humber is a public institution. With a ranking of 486th in the QS QS World University Rankings 2024, the university is among the top 10 universities in Toronto. The institution provides a range of courses in business, media, psychology, early childhood studies, community social studies, and other subjects.

It is among the least expensive institutions in Toronto, with semester tuition costs ranging from CAD 16,000 to CAD 19,000. The university takes several English proficiency exams for admissions, including the P.T.E., TOEFL, and IELTS.

7)  Winnipeg University

The University of Winnipeg is renowned for being among the most affordable Canadian institutions for international students, and it is consistently ranked among the top for teaching excellence, diversity, research, and innovation. The institution charges the third-lowest tuition in Canada, far less than the average for the country.

8)  Ottawa University

The University of Ottawa, which is well-known for being among the most internationally engaged academic institutions, has 40,000 students from various nations. Being one of the most affordable colleges in Canada, UOttawa provides a wide range of U.G. and P.G. study programs in French and English.

9)  Northern British Columbia University

The University of Northern British Columbia is included on the list of affordable Canadian colleges for overseas students in 2024, ranked as one of the top small Canadian universities by Maclean Magazine Rankings. The institution provides a broad range of study levels in several academic fields.

10) Brandon University 

Manitoba is home to the little institution known as Brandon Institution. For overseas students, the university is regarded as one of the least expensive in Canada. Numerous academic programs, including U.G. and P.G. options and certificate and diploma programs, are available at Brandon University.

11)  University of Concordia

With more than 51,000 students, Concordia University is the biggest in Canada in terms of enrollment. The university provides courses in several subjects, such as marketing, computer science, engineering, economics, and computer science. One of Canada’s top 10 B-schools is the John Molson School of Business.

12) Ryerson University

Another excellent university for job development is Ryerson University. To improve student learning and instruction, they include real-world experiences into their curriculum. The institution provides a range of extracurricular activities for students to participate in groups and programmes.

13) Calgary University

The University of Calgary, one of Canada’s leading research universities, is well-known for providing top-notch graduate programs to local and international students. With a 94% employment rate, the institution also ranks prominent on the list of affordable Canadian universities for international students in 2024.

14) University of O.C.A.D.

Founded in 1876, O.C.A.D. is a public institution on McCaul Street in Toronto. The university is Canada’s all-inclusive media, design, and art school.

The institution provides undergraduate and graduate courses in various subjects, including environmental design, illustration, photography, life studies in art, advertising, and many more. Tuition for the whole program is from CAD 49000 to CAD 69000, making it one of the least expensive institutions in Toronto.

The approximate cost for international students at Toronto University, one of the least expensive universities in Canada, is CAD 29,000 per academic year.

The length of the program will determine how long it takes, which may be two to three years. Domestic students’ costs range from CAD 19,000 to CAD 30,000.

15) Humber College

Humber College, also known as the Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, is another name on our exclusive list of affordable institutions in Canada.

It is one of the colleges in Ontario that receives public funding. Humber College has nearly 200 programmes offered across its three major sites.

The college occupies 250 acres in total. Because of its proximity to the Humber River, it receives its name. There are 2,40,000 alumni from Humber College, dispersed around the globe. The annual cost of meals and accommodation is around ₹6,04,000.

Here, bachelor’s courses range in price from CAD 10,687 to 19,807 (₹6,24,257 to ₹11,56,982). The following are some of the most well-liked courses offered here.

16) Saskatchewan University

Among the least expensive universities in Canada is the University of Saskatchewan. The institution, a member of the U15 Group of Canadian Research Universities, is well-known for being among the oldest in Canada. Additionally, the institution offers several bursaries and scholarships to overseas students.

17) Canadian Mennonite University

The Canadian Mennonite University, situated in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is a religious institution associated with Mennonite Church Canada.

The institution provides three- to four-year undergraduate and graduate programmes in a variety of subjects, including music, intercultural studies, biology, communications and media, divinity, and theological studies.

These programmes are approved globally. The Canadian Mennonite University has a student-faculty ratio of 1:18. For the 2020–21 academic year, foreign students will pay CAD 17,000 (₹ 9,93,704) for tuition for 3-credit courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Take a look at the well-liked courses that Canadian Mennonite University offers:

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Attending one of Toronto’s affordable institutions meets students’ financial needs while also assisting them in realizing their professional goals. A small number of these international students’ cheapest schools in Toronto, Canada, are among the best institutions in the world.

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