DA-100 Exam Past Questions and Answers

This article contains all you need to know about the DA-100 exam and how to successfully prepare and apply for it using the past questions and answers contained in PDF below this page.

What is DA-100 Exam?

The ‘DA-100 Exam: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI’ is a Microsoft certification that validates the skills & knowledge required to enable businesses maximize the value of their data assets using Microsoft Power BI.

Who can write DA-100 Exam?

The DA-100 exam is specially designed for data analyst who has been making use of Power BI and would like to get their skills officially validated.

How much does the DA-100 exam cost?

The exam usually cost $80 for those in Nigeria. However, it differs by country.

What to expect in DA-100 Exam

The below information is how the exam has always been, it could be subject to changes due to various factors, but for now it remains the same.

  • Time to complete the exam: 180 mins (3 Hours).
  • The DA-100 exam contains 56 questions.
  • The questions are divided into 3 Sections

First section: Contains 4 questions .

Second section: Contains 48 questions.

Third section: Contains 4 questions

Please Note- As soon as you submit your answer in any of the sections, you can’t go back to that section to modify your answers. So double-check your answers before submitting.

Exam Pattern

    • MCQs with 1 correct answer
    • MCQs with 2 correct answers
    • Arrange the steps in order (e.g. “how do you open a Power BI desktop & import data” step by step)
    • Complete the DAX.
    • Say Yes or No.
    • Select from Dropdown.

How is DA-100 Exam Graded?

The exam is graded over 1000. You need at least 700 marks to be eligible for a badge.

ALSO NOTE: You are not allowed to take anything other than your ID card into the exam room.

DA-100 Study Resource

You can click here to get some study resource for the exam

DA-100 Past Questions And Answers

The past question and answers provided below are not for sale. It is simply to help you prepare for the exam. Use it as a guide.

Download DA-100 Exam – Free Actual Q&As- PDF

FAQs About DA-100 Exam

Must I write the exam in an exam center?
Ans: No. There’s an option to write it in your home/office. Just ensure that you have a strong internet connection throughout the exam period, no noise or interruption, no objects in your surroundings & steady power supply.

How do I find an exam center near me?

There are two ways to find an exam centre closest to you

  1. Just type in Google, “Microsoft exam centers in [your state]”.
  2. If you’re trying to register yourself, Microsoft shows a list of centers available in your area with their timing.

How much does the exam cost?
Ans: The exam cost $80 in Nigeria. It differs by country.

For more info on the pricing & scheduling, check here

We wish you all the best.

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