USA Cleaning Jobs with Free Visa For Foreigners – 2024

Apply for  Cleaning Jobs in the USA Visa Sponsorship For Foreigners – 2024. The United states of America (USA) is now inviting applications from  Foreigners who wish to work as cleaners. Kindly go through the article below to see how to apply.

Have you been dreaming of traveling to the United state of America (USA)? Are you a job seeker willing to travel and work abroad? Then Grab this opportunity, As the USA is now inviting applications from interested persons to do cleaning jobs in the country. This offer comes with Visa sponsorship, specifically for Foreigners.

With the high demand and an employment population of about 61%, the demand for cleaners in the U.S has gone on a rise. Different companies, firms, small, medium enterprises, are making it a point of call for unemployed people around the world to help solve the shortfall they face.

Working in U.S as a Cleaner

The good thing about cleaning jobs in the U.S is the adaptation, conformity, comfort, work duration and the benefits they come with, for foreign workers.

Good enough, most cleaning jobs in the U.S will grant your the access to living within the facility’s apartment. So you can either live in or at your own comfort out of the facility apartment provided.

However one cannot over emphasize the need to employ a cleaner in his firm, Business , company or household generally.

Giving room for a greater demand for a work force which on its own comes with great pay and less taxes considering it could be, pay per hour, week or month.

Roles of Cleaners in the United States

If you work as a cleaner in the united states, you job roles will entail cleaning commercial or residential area or equipment and get paid for it.

There are different kinds of cleaning job titles in the United States, ranging from home to industrial cleaners, equipment cleaners, window cleaners, and so on.

Your Duty as a cleaner will be to keep the business, equipment or home you are working for clean, orderly and safe.

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Salary of Cleaners in the USA

Most cleaning jobs in the USA comes with good salary  to start with. On an average of about, $15.26 per hour, $223 per day, $652 per Week, $2,523 per month and $35,626 per month.

How are Cleaners Paid in the U.S?

More so, the payment structure varies with respect to the employer strength, work demand and service delivered by the employee.

The wages structure are on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis. Below is a table that shows estimated wages for cleaners in the U.S.A:

Work DurationPayment Range
Hourly$11.45 to $35.5
Daily$213 to $320
Weekly$1800 to $2600
Monthly$7,000 to $12,000

So you can actually earn as much as $88,000 to $120,000 annually from cleaning jobs in the United States.

These high demands can often times create a tendency for error, due to tension and pressure to meet up with your target, which may affect your pay.

But if you have a light heart and a committed spirit, then working as a cleaner in the United state of America could be the best option for you, if you are dealing with financial difficulties.

List of Cleaning Jobs in the U.S with Sponsored Visa

If you have ever tried applying for visa you would find out that it’s not an easy task and as such, these cleaning jobs are invitational jobs which you can apply from the comfort of your home. Once invited, your Visa will be fully sponsored by your employer.

Below is the comprehensive list of the available cleaning jobs in the U.S

  1. Hotel cleaning
  2. Custodian cleaning
  3. Hospital cleaning
  4. Commercial cleaning
  5. Home cleaning
  6. Commercial cleaning
  7. Housekeeping
  8. Equipment cleaning
  9. Restroom cleaning
  10. Crime scene cleaning
  11. Window cleaning
  12. Laundry
  13. Floor cleaning
  14. Waste collector
  15. Exterminator

List of Hotel cleaning jobs in the US with visa sponsorship

One of the most common places to get cleaning jobs in the United States are the hotels, lounges, eateries, and so on. Some of the best hotels that accept foreign cleaners are:

  1. Hyatt Hotels Corporation
  2. Marriott International
  3. Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
  4. MGM Resorts International
  5. Best Western International
  6. Hilton Worldwide
  7. Wyndham Worldwide
  8. Starwood Hotels & Resorts
  9. InterContinental Hotels Group
  10. Accor North America

List of Hospital cleaning jobs in usa with visa sponsorship

Another good places to get visa sponsored jobs as a foreigner are the hospitals and other health care facilities. Below are the best hospitals in the u.s that offer visa sponsored cleaning jobs:

  1. Mayo Clinic Rochester
  2. UCLA Medical Center
  3. Cleveland Clinic
  4. Yale New Haven Hospital
  5. NYU Langone Hospitals
  6. Long Island Jewish Medical Center
  7. UC Davis Medical Center
  8. Montefiore Medical Center
  9. Jacobs Medical Center
  10. Mount Sinai Hospital
  11. UCSF Medical Center
  12. New York Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia
  13. Johns Hopkins Hospital
  14. Massachusetts General Hospital
  15. Brigham and Women’s Hospital
  16. Stanford Hospital
  17. North Shore University Hospital
  18. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
  19. Mayo Clinic-Phoenix
  20. NYU Winthrop Hospital

Below is a breakdown of cleaning jobs in USA with visa sponsorship for foreigners and their monthly salary expectancy:

Type of CleaningAverage monthly salary
Hotel cleaning$3,500
Custodian cleaning$2,700
Hospital cleaning$4,000
Commercial cleaning$3,000
Home cleaning$2,500
Equipment cleaning$2,500 to $4,000 depending on company
Restroom cleaning$2,300
Crime scene cleaning$3,500
Window cleaning$2,000
Laundry$3,000 depending
Floor cleaning$2,500
Waste collector$3,000

How to Get Cleaning Jobs in USA

There simple ways you can source for Visa sponsored cleaning jobs in USA. Below are the right steps to source for cleaning jobs:

1. Prepare Your Documents:

You must start by preparing the necessary documents. Remember, you must have the necessary legal documents to work in the USA. Also prepare a well-structured resume that highlights any relevant cleaning experience, even if it’s from your home country.

2. Online Job Agencies:

The best places to see real time posted jobs are on job search websites. If you want to stay up to date with latest cleaning jobs, then visit Indeed, LinkedIn, or Glassdoor, create an account and turn on notifications for new jobs.

On the sites above, you can also use specific keywords like “cleaning jobs in US,” “housekeeping jobs in USA,” or “cleaning positions in united states”, etc, to search for job listings.

3. Use Cleaning Job Websites to Source for Jobs:

There are websites that are specifically for cleaning jobs, such as,, SimplyHired, or Cleaning Jobs Near Me.

These jobs platform often have listings for various cleaning positions in different countries with all the requirements and process of application.

4. Social Media:

There are many social media platforms that you can get real time job vacancies in different countries. The best social media to use in this case is Facebook or LinkedIn.

But you have to be very careful about scam. If you land on trusted groups or pages, you will definitely see many job postings within these groups.

5. Company Websites:

Do A Research on companies in your desired location and visit their official websites to get the information for yourself.

Many companies post job openings and provide online application forms on their websites. This method is preferable to avoid getting defrauded.

Foreign U.S Cleaning Jobs Agencies

The best places to see real time posted jobs are on job agency websites. For the sake of finding a mouth watering cleaning job in the U.S, we recommend the following job agencies:

  1. Indeed
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Glassdoor

1. Indeed:

Indeed is one of the best cleaning jobs agencies website out there. You can even filter the jobs based on your personal interest and get a whole lot of recommendations.

Source for Cleaning Jobs via Indeed here

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media-like website where people post real time job openings. You can source for the jobs and submit your application directly to the employer or the person that posted the jobs.

Source for Cleaning Jobs via LinkedIn here

3. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a job agency website that posts real time jobs from different countries, with their requirements, salary and benefits.

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How to Apply for Cleaning Jobs in USA 

To apply for a cleaning job in the United States, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Create an account with job agencies websites like Glassdoor, Indeed or LinkedIn.
  2. Start searching for cleaning jobs using terms like “cleaning jobs in USA with visa sponsorship”, “housekeeping jobs in US with sponsored visa” and so on.
  3. If you see any job that meets your test, then send your application promptly
  4. After sending the application, follow up to stay informed, especially if you don’t hear back within a reasonable time frame.
  5. Be prepared for interviews. These mostly online interviews via video conferencing tools like Zoom or Skype.
  6. During the interview, dress professionally, learn to speak fluently and present yourself as a reliable candidate.

With this information, I’m sure you’ve seen the huge benefits of getting a cleaning job with guaranteed sponsorship.

So what are you waiting for? why not apply for that cleaning job today and celebrate your way to the win in the labour market, as a gate way to you leaving your dream.

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