Recruitment Agencies in Poland for Foreigners- List of Recruitment Agencies in Poland

Recruitment Agencies in Poland for Foreigners- List of Recruitment Agencies in Poland

Are you a foreigner thinking of relocating to Poland? Are you in need of Job opportunities in Poland? Are you searching for recruitment agencies? if yes..stay on this page. We will give you all the necessary information you need. 

Working with Polish employment agencies is one of the easiest ways to land a good job in Poland especially if you are a foreigner living there it planning to relocate to Poland.

As one of the best alternatives when looking for employment in Poland, foreigners regularly apply for job openings through Polish recruiting firms.

The economy of Poland is growing rapidly, and the best employment services in Poland for foreigners are assisting both locals and foreign job searchers in finding jobs.

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It is easy getting a job in Poland through a Recruitment agency and this article contains a list of top recruitment agencies in Poland for foreigners and other related relevant information such as Agency for Poland factory workers.

Why do you need Polish recruitment agencies to land a job in Poland as a foreigners?

By means of a recruiting agency, it is straightforward to secure jobs in Poland because these agencies have already secured a friendly relationship with the employers.

This page offers a list of the most prominent employment and recruitment agencies in Poland for foreigners in 2023 for those who are embarking on international job search in Poland.

How can I work in Poland?

Poland offers employment options. Only a small percentage of the 50 million visitors who come to Poland each year are granted work permits.

For instance, in order for a foreign national to be invited to work in Poland and find employment there, they must submit an application with the support of a Polish business.

In order to work in Poland, foreign nationals must have a valid working visa. As an employer, you must apply for each employee’s work permit at the same time they do so.

The Polish consulate or embassy in each employee’s country of residence will receive applications for work visas.

Is Poland Hiring foreign workers?

According to research statistics, the number of foreign workers seeking employment in Poland has been increasing significantly.

This is because of polish government has simplified the system of employment for foreign workers. Now it’s very easy to land a good job in Poland as an immigrant.

Many jobs are available for foreigners in Poland and one of the simplest methods to get access to these jobs is through a Recruitment Agency.

List of Recruiting Agencies in Poland for Foreigners

There are many recruiting agencies in Poland. We have compile recruiting agencies in Poland you chose and select from.

1. APS Profit Polska

APS Profit Polska handles temporary staff leasing and one-time recruitment for job placement in a number of industrial and manufacturing fields.

By carefully examining the requirements of the company, they look for workers with the proper set of competencies and skills, including those in different industries.

They are a team that is prepared to handle any hiring project. The best specialists, as well as executive-level managers and management staff, have all been hired by APS Profit Polska.

Along with providing payroll and HR services, they recruited 2,325 contract employees for user businesses in 2019. This was simply through staff leasing.

Agency Link/Website: Visit their official site here

2. Devire

Devire was founded in 1987, it is a human resource agency and is located in different locations of Poland which includes Warszawa, Poland; Katowice, Poland; Poznań, Poland and Kraków, Poland.

Interestingly, Devire are experts in Human resource services and IT recruiting. They help to outsource, screen candidates and also prepare them for interviews, as well as navigating the clients salary negotiation.

There are testimonials of them being communicative and very understanding to the objectives of both the clients and candidates.

Agency Website: Visit Devire offiial website here

3. Jobian

Jobian is located in Warszawa, Poland. Jobian is a private based recruiting firm which was incorporated on 22nd of April, 2020.

As a reputable recruitment agency in Poland, Jobian has a group of skilled staffing agencies, executives, IT specialists, managers, legal experts, and call center employees.

These skilled staff work with trustworthy collaborators to offer high-quality, secure, and reasonably priced services in the areas of job opportunities, immigration and legal guidance, financial services, insurance coverage, and assistance with resolving day-to-day problems associated with living abroad.

Agency Link/Website: Find out more information about them by visiting Jobian agency Website here

4. AMS

AMS was founded in 1996 and is a leading provider of complete solutions for workers globally.

They support business success in an era of constant change by developing, reorganizing, and maximizing workforces.

By offering technology and skills consulting services, facilitating career advancement and improvement of skills, and managing temporary labor, they are able to accomplish this.

Once more, their solutions are provided by their 6500+ pros. Their ultimate objective is to help clients from all over the globe, including over one hundred blue-chip businesses, create adaptable, strong, diverse, and unique workers.

Agency Link/Website: Visit the AMS Agency Website here

5. Team Up IT Recruitment

The Human Resource services provider Team Up IT is situated in the Polish city of Łódź.

More than 10 members of their team assist clients of various sizes in a variety of sectors, including IT, financial products and services, enterprise services, and entertainment. They started in 2019.

Team Up IT Recruitment offers recruitment services for an IT service provider.

The clients provide their expectations, and the team looks for the perfect candidates to go through the recruitment process and help the clients with their projects.

Agency Link/Website: Visit Team Up IT Recruitment Agency


The headquarters of the software application development firm MOTIFE are in Kraków, Poland. The 2017 startup’s tiny team is an expert in providing HR services, business consultancy, and custom the creation of software.

MOTIFE provides proper outsourcing of candidates for clients. They oversee the entire hiring process by training the candidates and locating the qualified candidates for hire.

Agency Link/Website: Find out more about them on the MOTIFE Official website


AKCJA Job is a Polish business that manages hiring international workers. In addition to hiring temporary workers and full-time employees at all organizational levels, they also offer competence administration consultation as well as coaching in managing one’s career and improvement of skills.

AKCJA Job also offers recruitment services to all Polish and foreign companies.

They are experts in assembling both solo professionals and complete teams of expertise from other fields that are committed to taking on more difficult jobs.

Agency Link/Website: Find out more about them on the AKCJA Job Agency

8. Orus Outsourcing

Orus outsources a portion of the production and logistics procedures. They started conducting business abroad in 2012.

Additionally, they are a member of the HRBC Group, which brings together organizations involved in outsourcing, recruiting, and consultancy.

As a result, they are able to promise the greatest quality of service delivery, guaranteeing the continued satisfaction of their clients through cooperation and visible results.

They are employed in the food, agricultural, building, and service sectors.

Agency Link/Website:  Orus Outsourcing Agency here

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