Reasons Why Npower NASIMS Portal is not Accessible and What to do

Reasons Why Npower NASIMS Portal is not Accessible and What to do –This article have being provided with reasons why Npower NASIMS Portal is not accessible at the moment. Here, we will be giving some insight on the reasons as you read on NASIMS Portal is unaccessible at the moment due to the reasons outlined in this article below

The N-Power programme has been in the news these few months, from the news of its suspension for restructuring to now the suspension of the Nasims self-service portal which is the profile dashboard for the Npower beneficiaries.

Following the update earlier shared in today’s latest Npower news, informing you of the Reason Why Nasims Portal Is Unaccessible At The Moment, we are glad to inform you that the Nasims portal is now back online!

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The reason Why N-Power Volunteers were not able to Access the Nasims portal is that the Npower programme was initially under maintenance hence, beneficiaries trying to access the portal were not able to do so. Now that the maintenance is completed you can now access the portal. This update was contained in the information given by Nasims via their social media platforms regarding the portal downtime.

The earlier message shared by Nasims says as you may have tried to access NASIMS portal for quite a while but were unsuccessful, kindly note that the portal is under maintenance which is expected to be through and back online within 48 hours. You shall be duly informed once it’s up and running. All inconveniences this moment may cause you are highly regrettable. Thank you.

Nasims has shared latest update again saying that NASIMS PORTAL IS NOW BACK LIVE ONLINE. Be informed that the portal which has been inaccessible for the past 48 hours is now back online. The portal is very much accessible. We appreciate your patience observed through out this moment. Thank you!

Also note, the Npower management has confirmed that they will soon pay beneficiaries their 9-month backlog stipend payment as money meant for that has been recovered.

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