NG-Cares Business Fund Registration/Application Portal 2024

NG-Cares Business Fund Registration/Application Portal 2024

The NG-CARES Pre-registration 2024 portal for businesses application portal is now enabled for online applications. See the application process, Link, application form, requirements, closing date, and other registration processes for interested candidates below.

The NG-CARES program will help to reduce the pain of poverty, unemployment in the community. The Program is not only empowering individuals, this program empowers, even small independent experts. So therefore, if you have a business or profession that is registered with the government such as CAC, TAX, SEMEDAN and others, you can benefit from this program.

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The program will provide financial support from 20k, 50k, 100k to 250k to entrepreneurs who need to improve their business or start a business sponsored by the World bank.

The NG-Cares program is like the survival fund program, but this is not for employees in the company, however, they can also apply with New line and new email! In the case of anyone who has been sent an approved message, you cant use your bvn, even if you have approved in both of your applications.

Each state has their own application link which can be accessible via

Link to Apply for NG-Cares Business Fund in your State

Click Here to access the NG-Cares Business Fund Application Form in each State of the Federation and know how to apply.

Note that some states have opened portals for applicants, everyone State has its own process of application. Some States forms are provided and the form is free, everyone has their own application process.Therefore, everyone should investigate, except for some states that are closed.

How to Apply for  NG-Cares Business Fund

The steps listed below will guide you in applying for the NG-Cares Business Fund

1. Check for Your State: Look for the special NG-Cares registration link for your state. Click the link that matches your business location.

2. Fill Out the Form: Answer all the questions about your business. Be honest and careful, it’s important to get this right!

3. Click Submit: Send your application online. That’s it for now, relax!

4. Check Your Phone: After a while, enter your phone number on the Plax app. This lets you see if your application passed the first check.

5. More News or Money!: If you cleared the check, you might need to give some extra details about your business. If everything’s good, you’ll get a message saying you’ve won the grant! If not, they’ll explain why you didn’t qualify.

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