Kuwait Job Opportunities with Work Visa 2024

Kuwait Job Opportunities with Work Visa 2024

Are you looking for job opportunities at Kuwait? If yes, this blog will be of help to you. The first hand information about jobs in Kuwait, requirements and how to successfully apply are contained here. Sit put as we reveal secrets and guides to get your dream job with work visa.Kuwait is experiencing labor shortages across various sectors due to a combination of factors, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which restricted the entry of non-Kuwaitis into the country, leading to a considerable reduction in the workforce. Sectors such as healthcare, IT, finance, education, construction, and the service industry, including restaurants and cafes, are particularly affected​.

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Jobs in Kuwait for foreigners in 2024 are available in the oil sector, finance and banking, doctors, builders, programmers and holders of some other skilled professions are required. The main problem of the state is the huge dependence of the economy on the oil sector, which generates more than half of the country’s GDP and more than 90% of the revenue part of the budget.

Background of the Labour Shortage in Kuwait

The background of the labor shortage in Kuwait arises from the COVID-19 pandemic. This limited the number of foreigners in the country.

As a result, the number of workforce in Kuwait became low. This labor shortage affected many areas such as the healthcare, finance, and the service industry.

Sites to find Labor Market Jobs in Kuwait in 2024

Below are some popular job sites to find work in Kuwait




International resources with jobs in Kuwait




If after navigating through the site links above and can’t find a job in Kuwait, kindly contact a recruitment agency.

Benefits of Working in Kuwait

  1. High Salaries: Kuwait boasts an average monthly salary of around $5,000, significantly higher than many other countries.
  2. Tax-Free Income: Expatriates enjoy the perk of retaining their entire income, as Kuwait does not impose income tax.
  3. Quality Healthcare: Top-tier healthcare facilities contribute to the well-being of expatriates.
  4. Balanced Lifestyle: A safe environment, good work-life balance, and high-quality educational facilities make Kuwait an attractive destination.
  5. Luxurious Transportation: Economical and luxurious transportation options enhance the overall experience.

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Types of Work Visas in Kuwait Suitable for Labor Workers

Kuwait offers various types of work visas for international applicants, including:

  • Kuwaiti Contract Work Visa: For contract-based jobs, valid for up to three years.
  • General Work Visa: The most common type, with a validity of one year.
  • Kuwaiti Residence Visa: Required for long-term employment, valid for one year but renewable.
  • Work Visa for Students in Kuwait: For foreign students wishing to work part-time alongside their studies.

Revenue Levels in Kuwait

Overall Average

The overall average salary in Kuwait is KWD 1493. This doesn’t mean that all laborers earn this way, it is just a mean figure.

Earning of Foreigners

Foreigners in Kuwait receive an average figure of KWD 338.

Sector-specific data points

Development and Real Estate

For these sets of employees, they are estimated to earn amounts ranging from KWD 320 to KWD 2160.

General Labours

For general laborers, it ranges from KWD 190 to KWD 400.

In conclusion, Kuwait is a beautiful place to be with high level of job opportunities for foreigners especially in sectors where there are significant labor shortages.

The labor market in Kuwait presents numerous opportunities for skilled professionals from abroad, particularly in sectors where there are significant labor shortages. Kuwait has one of the most valuable currencies in the world. Just Stay informed and take advantage of the job opportunities Kuwait has to offer.

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