How To Get Work Experience As A Student or Fresh Graduate

It is important to have work experience when applying for jobs especially in your country. However, having a previous work experience is quite flexible for recent/fresh graduates. This is simply because employers have various context in mind when using the word “work experience”. This means that “experience” is primarily defined by the context in which it is used.

If you have an understanding of this concept, it would greatly help you in getting closer to the job you desire by enabling you structure your cover letter or CV/resume.

Whether, you are a student or fresh graduate, your work experience in your application must not be blank. There are 3 major types of work experience and in this article you would learn how to use them to your advantage.

3 Major Types of Work Experience

As stated earlier, there are 3 major types of work experience. See full details below:

1. Actual Work Activities

This has to do with various jobs done in a formal organization and the capacity in which they where done. This is what many employers consider as an actual work experience.Many students and fresh graduates may not have been privileged in such capacity. If you are a student or a fresh graduate the other two “work experience” below would benefit you.

2. Internships/Industrial Trainings

Many institutions have internship and industrial training program (IT/SIWES) as part of their curriculum for students. In some institutions, it is required that students engage in such activities as it is important in getting a degree in that particular field. However, some courses (although few) do not offer such opportunities to its students.

This does not stop students or fresh graduates from engaging in such activities whether its part of the school program or not. This is the fastest and easiest way for students and fresh graduates to have work experience in their CV. There are a lot of companies that offer such internship opportunities and trainee programs. Some companies pay their interns while others don’t. Your major focus should be in gaining useful experience.

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3. Volunteering

As a student or fresh graduate, you can volunteer for various organizations if you didn’t get any internship or if you simply prefer this option. It will still help you in gaining the relevant work experience. Volunteering is almost similar to interning, the major difference is that an intern might receive stipends for working, while volunteers may not get paid at all. As stated earlier, your primary goal and focus is gaining work experience.


As a student or fresh graduate, you don’t need to be fully employed before you gain work experience. You can simply engage in volunteer activities/program, internship programs or industrial training. This are various channels for you to learn some skills while gathering the needed work experience for your dream job.

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